Hidden Gun Storage Furniture

Choosing Hidden Gun Storage Furniture

If you’re a gun aficionado, you may wish to consider some hidden gun storage furniture to hide your weapons in at your house. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your hidden storage.

Coffee Tables

hidden compartment table There are several different types of hidden storage coffee tables to choose from if you’re considering using them to hide weapons.

You can select a slide top table that has a secret button that allows the top to slide open for secret storage. Here you can place several different types of weapons depending on the space that you have available.

You can also select a model that has a drop bottom that is underneath the top surface of your table or the bottom of a shelf. These fold down and have a secret compartment that holds weapons.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, however, some pictures have secret compartments where you can easily hide a pistol or more.

You can select from a variety of pictures that either slide open from one end or that open a door or drop down. Regardless of the type you select, you’re sure to be able to hide a pistol or two in them.

A Tissue Box

Okay, this sounds a bit odd, but bear with us here. How about a “designer” tissue box? This is a hard solid plastic unit that lifts to place your tissues into.

However, if you press a secret button the top lifts off of the tissue holder and reveals a hidden compartment. No one will ever guess this one.

Shelving Units

storage shelf with gun compartmentThere are many shelving units on the market today that have hidden gun storage furniture in mind. They look like an everyday storage unit but have a secret compartment that opens up to reveal an entire shelf where you can easily place a weapon or a pistol.

You’ll be amazed at how innocuous these look and you won’t have to worry that someone will stumble on them. They are easy to install and look just like other furnishings.


hidden gun dresserThere are a few different options for dressers. There are some that have secret drawers or false bottoms in them for easy hidden storage.

There are also some that appear as an everyday dresser, but the drawers don’t open, the side opens to reveal a gun safe. These are easy to assemble and no one will ever guess that the dresser standing in your bedroom is really a hidden gun safe.


This unit appears as an everyday mirror on your wall. However, the top folds up and the bottom folds down to reveal a hidden storage area where you can easily hide weapons.

It’s discreet and decorative and no one will know when they’re looking in the mirror that they are actually looking at your gun safe.

Night Stand

Night stands come in all shapes and sizes. This one has a slide top that reveals a hidden storage area perfect for your pistol. Keep your pistol at your bedside without fear of someone finding it.

There are also models that have hidden or false bottoms to store pistols in as well. If you can conceive the idea, you’re sure to find some unique ways to do this.

Side Tables

Have you ever seen one of those tables that sit against a wall in a home or behind a sofa? Many of these can easily be converted into gun safes. All you have to do is a few modifications and you can have sides that fold open for storage or tops that come open.

There’s more to your side table furnishings than meets the eye when you choose one of these. If you have an existing one you’re sure to find that it is easy to modify with just a few minor tweaks to have your storage.

False Floor Vent

Those heat vents in your floor can be used to hide weapons. All you need is a saws-all and a cover for your heat vent. Then you simply cut your hole and place the heat vent cover over it creating your own secret hiding area.

At casual glance no one will notice that this isn’t a real functioning heat vent. It’s actuallyl easy to install this one and all you need is a matching heat vent cover for your home and you’re all set.


Wall clocks give you a unique opportunity for secret compartments. If you have a large enough wall clock you can modify a section in the front, side or back to hide a pistol.

It’s quick and easy to do with the right sized clock and everyone will be admiring your clock. Only you need to know that it’s a secret hiding place.

These hidden gun storage furniture ideas will get your creative juices flowing and help you to decide on the ideal solution for your gun storage.