Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Only Buy The Highest Quality Gun Safe

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High quality best gun safe

Learn 5 Reasons Why You Should Only Shop Top Quality Gun Safes

top gun safe reviewsOwning guns is seen by many as a right, but many that do actually exercise it and own them also know that a tremendous amount of responsibility comes with exercising that right. Owning guns usually means having a safe place to store them, and when it comes time to find your own home’s solution, there are 5 good reasons why you should only shop top quality gun safes.

1) You’ll make the most of your investment over time:

Gun safes are like anything else, in that they run the gamut from very affordable and even cheap options to models and units that are mind-boggingly expensive. While in general you get what you pay for, it is possible to overpay, and you can certainly get great value from a budget unit. Top quality options among gun safes prove to hold their value over time though, so your initial expense will pay itself back over the years and even decades to come.

2) Your guns will be safer there than in anything else:

The best gun safes on the market are going to protect your guns better than other models. Cheap and top gun safe 2018poorly made low quality gun safes are simply designed to be physical containers for your guns, but the better choices on the market are going to also protect them from things like fires, earthquakes, and other disasters.

3) Your guns are least-likely to disappear from them:

One thing that any good gun safe should do is actually keep your guns safe from other people. The primary purpose is to keep them out of the hands of anyone you disapprove of, whether it be a burglar, a crazy relative, or just your spouse or own kids.

4) Your guns are going to stay cleaner and more pristine:

High quality best gun safeThe highest caliber gun cabinets are going to not just keep your guns safe, but also clean and pristine. They’ll be manufactured with solid components and parts that don’t degrade and cause dust, grime, or corrosion, and they’ll also be designed in such a way that they keep moisture and dirt out of the cabinet altogether. You’ll still want to check on your weapons periodically and verify their cleanliness, but you’ll likely have a much easier time doing it.

5) They’re easier to use:

High-end and premium gun cabinets and safes have simplicity in mind as much as they do storage and safety. Convenience is a huge essential when you might be faced with a situation where you want to keep your guns out of the hands of those not trained in them, but also want to be able to access them quickly and quietly if you hear something in the middle of the night.

Now that you know 5 reasons why you should only shop top quality gun safes, learn what the best brands are so you can identify models that are within your budget and can fit in the physical space you have available.


Best Gun Safe Reviews

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Best Gun Safe Reviews

gun safe ideasThe question over whether or not someone should have a gun safe is one that is often debated with strong feelings on both sides. There are some states now that require that if you have children you must have a gun safe and there are even some states that require gun safes even if you don’t have children. Whatever your reason for considering getting something to protect your guns, we will take a look at some facts and gun safe reviews to help you.

There are a wide range of gun safes to choose from. Some are big and some are small, some are expensive and others are cheap. While it’s natural to assume that a better quality safe is more expensive and a cheaper one is of lower quality, but when it comes to gun safes there’s more to it than that. If the safe does not carry an RSC rating then in most cases it doesn’t really matter what price that you pay because most of them can be broken into with basic tools and in a minute or two.

If the gun safe does carry an RSC rating they will be substantially more pricey than those that don’t. But another consideration is that those that do carry this rating are not much different in their level of protection regardless of price. The price often varies widely between models but overall protection is about the same.

Professionals who regularly drill into lock safes to open them on the behalf of customers say that there is little difference between the lower-priced models with an RSC rating and those that are more expensive. For the most part, safes with that rating are all of similar quality regardless of the price.

Some Features Often Have No Meaning

It is common for a gun safe manufacturer to promote certain aspects of their weapon safe reviewssafe to show why and how it is better than another. For an example, there are some that talk about the size and the number of locking bolts but if the gun safe has an RSC rating those features have very little meaning. Because it carries that rating it will withstand attempts to break into it with basic tools for several minutes. Of course, if someone has more substantial tools they can usually get into such a gun safe within a couple of minutes.

Many gun safes that carry the RSC rating will also make claims that their safe will protect your gun against fire. The assumption by many consumers is that since it carries the recognized RSC rating then it must also be up to standard against fires. But RSC doesn’t test for fire. So, the only way to know if it genuinely can resist fire is through an independent testing agency.

Very often, expensive safes that carry the RSC rating will often add features that drive up the cost of the safe but that doesn’t really offer any added protection for your guns. In most cases, the average consumer is better off buying the lower price safes that carry the rating because they will have all of the minimum requirements that you’re looking for.

Which Features Should You Look For?

1. Where Was It Manufactured? – An American-made brand will cost more than those made in other countries. But in most cases, consumers will find that the American-made safes are better. There’s also a concern that in some countries they may use fake ratings.

2. UL Rated Combination Lock – While the cheaper gun safe reviews are favorable for the average consumer, not all of them have UL rated locks. Locks that are not UL rated very often have a number of problems and consumers are generally unsatisfied with them. For that reason, it’s recommended that you don’t try to save by getting a cheaper lock.

3. Body Seams Should Have Continuous Welds – This is something that will need to be checked because they will not come with all safes, even those that carry an RSC rating. Those that don’t have this type of welding can be considerably weaker.

Gun Safe Reviews

reviews of safesLiberty is the biggest gun safe manufacturer in the US. They stand behind their products pretty well and most consider their customer service to be decent. Some customers say that Liberty is considerably faster to respond to a customer complaint or question than other manufacturers. Some customers feel that Liberty is simply less frustrating to deal with than other companies they might have chosen.

Because Liberty is a large company and based inside the US they have invested heavily in technology that allows them to make safes that are stronger and a better quality while maintaining reasonable prices. Much of their manufacturing process uses robots that do the welding which results in lower-cost and consistent quality. This company does make some models that do not carry the RSC rating and for this reason, it’s important that you make sure the one you’re thinking of buying does carry that.

Many independent gun shops carry the Liberty brand and you will find that the cheaper gun safes can be installed by yourself and they’re reasonably easy to handle. This makes them not only convenient but also gives you an opportunity to support a local shop when purchasing. Because gun safes with an RSC rating only offer basic protection then there’s no reason to buy the more expensive models with this rating.

American Security is another large company and despite their name, many of their safes are made overseas. Despite that, they have models that are a bit higher priced than their foreign-made safes and some of these do carry the RSC rating. In addition to that rating, this manufacturer does make gun safes that carry additional ratings for fire and burglary. Their BF true safes are among those that carry these ratings.

There are other models that go beyond the protection offered from a safe with RSC ratings, but they will often be much more expensive. Most gun safe reviews agree that the average consumer will be satisfied with the price and basic protection provided by a gun safe with an RSC rating.


best gun safe

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Why You Should Buy a Gun Safe and How to Pick the Best Gun Safe

What is the best gun safe? It is a storage space that is used to store firearms in homes and offices. However, there are so many gun safes in the market so it is very difficult to buy one. The information in this article will help you pick the right gun safe.

The first thing we are going to cover is the reason why you need a gun safe. Buying a gun safe is the best thing you can do. However, most people do not know why they need a gun safe.

The following are the best reasons for buying a gun safe.

Legal Requirement

It is illegal not own a gun safe in some states. If you have a firearm in these states, you must store it in a gun safe. You can face jail time or be fined if you do not lock your gun in a gun safe. Find out if you are required to have a gun safe in your state. Buy a gun safe immediately if it is required.


You won’t be around your kids all the time. They can find your firearm when you are not around. Something bad can happen if your children play with your gun. You may know that prevention is better than cure. Store your gun in a gun safe. Your children will never get hold of the gun.


There are people who steal guns. These thieves usually steal unsecured firearms. They sell these guns and some of these thieves may use the gun against your family. Secure your gun if you don’t want to lose it.

Prevents Corrosion

Keep your gun in a high-quality gun safe to prevent corrosion. A gun safe is perfect for storing guns because the environment in the safe is free from humidity.

The best gun safes keep the overall quality and beauty of a gun and they prevent guns from damage. They protect firearms from common damages such as mishandling, poor storage or fire.

How do you pick the best gun safe? The following are the best ways for choosing the right gun safe for keeping your firearms.


Gun safes from leading brands are the best. There are some brands that have been making gun safes for several years. Their safes are the best because they improve the quality of their gun safes all the time. Their gun safes have superior storage options for storing different firearms.

Do not pick gun safes from lesser known brands. You may not know everything about them.

Strong Build

A good gun safe has a strong build. It cannot be damaged by tools, hammers, or any other equipment. Nobody will steal your firearm easily.

Fire Protection

A good gun safe has a form of fire protection. Fire can break loose any time. Look for a safe that will protect your firearms from a fire. Ask the manufacturer if their gun safe is fire resistant. The best safe has at least 30 minutes of fire resistance.


Storage is important when you are buying a gun safe. Do you own a large collection of firearms? If so, pick a gun safe with large space. Make sure that your firearms can fit perfectly in your safe.

The Locks

There are three types of locks. These are mechanical, biometric, and electronic keypad lock.

Biometric LocksĀ  – They use biological Gunvault-Biometric-Gun-Same recognition technology that allows the safe to offer quicker access. The gun owner uses fingerprint when unlocking the safe. If you want to unlock it, you just place your finger on the scanner to unlock your safe.

Electronic LocksĀ  – Nine-volt batteries power it. They offer quick access. It is easy to alter the combination on the keypad. The safe opens automatically when you input the right combination.

Mechanical or Dial Locks – They use a numeric combination on a hand-turned wheel. You just dial the numeric combination on the wheel to open the safe. They don’t have electrical parts so they do not require a power source.

Door Thickness

A good gun safe has more rigid and thick door. It is not easy to break into this safe. If you want a durable safe, pick a safe that has a door that is made of several pieces of steel. Thieves usually target the door of a gun safe. You don’t have to worry about the thieves if you pick a gun safe with a thick door.

Protection Type

Find out the form of protection that the gun safe provides. The most common gun safe offers different forms of protection such as fire protection, humidity, and burglary protection. It is easy to find a gun safe designed for a single protection. All you have to know is the type of protection you want.

The Cost

Make sure that you can afford the gun safe. How much are you willing to spend on the safe? Know the exact amount. You will pick a gun safe that you can afford. Do not depend on the price alone. Check the quality of the gun safe before buying it.

The Features

Understand the features of the gun safe before buying it. Gun safes are different. There are some that may suit your needs, but others won’t. Consider the following features when you are buying a gun safe.

Exact Size

This depends on the size of your gun. There are small and big gun safes. If you don’t really know what you want, buy a safe of average size. Measure the width, depth, and height of the gun safe you want to buy.

Heavy Weight

The best gun safe is heavy. This makes it harder for thieves to steal your guns. A heavy gun safe is more secure.

A good gun safe has reliable features and is of high quality. Compare the different brands when you are buying a gun safe. Check the overall features of the gun safe when you want to buy one.

You now know how to pick the best gun safe. Choose a gun safe that best suits your needs. Buy a safe from the best brands.